M4 is a growable system for full advance & innovative features.

Sales Module (CRM)

Auto classify between Lead / Prospect and Customer. Support sub-contacts with multiple service location

Improve quality of your database with phone number validation and location verification from addresses.

Prepare quotation and email it to customer directly from M4 without needing to leave the system.

All quotations include the sales person (handler) and other details which make it easy to track the conversion and useful for future analysis.

Create one time job or contracts with expiry dates and annualised contract values (ACV) which helps in sales projection.

Bigger contracts usually comes in multiple locations, which is easy to enter and store within one contract.

Before contracts expires, M4 will remind users to do the renewal process. This may involve preparing a renewal letter and change of pricing for next period contract.

Similar to quotation, user can prepare and email to customer all within M4.

Scheduling Module

Once orders are created, due dates are auto-populated by M4. This ensures that all customers jobs will be attended to, with reminders sent to operations team when jobs are overdue.

Additional jobs can be added and assigned to different staff or teams.

Follow up jobs are automatically added when a job is cancelled or requires follow up.

Complaint job can be added and assigned just like any other jobs.

When job is assigned / removed / changed, user will receive notifications in the mobile phone.

Easily generate listing of overdue / missed / closed jobs from M4. Furthermore email will be sent to operations team on jobs status periodically.

From the jobs assigned, M4 can populate supplies and equipments required for each staff to perform their tasks.

Servicing with Mobile App

Jobs assigned to each staff will be downloaded to the mobile app during syncing process.

Alternatively a PDF can be generated for the listing of jobs to be carried out on specified date range.

M4 App allows 1 to 5 star rating for both customer and servicing staff. This provides better insight for the jobs and enable management to make better decisions.

Motivate staff by rewarding them for those who have higher rating score.

Once job is completed, M4 generates Service Report in PDF and email to customer directly. 

Those without email, the SR will be sent to a dedicated inbox for office to print out and handled manually.

Staff can view past jobs within the M4 app to help them better service the customer.

Photos taken from M4 app includes watermark with job and staff details for easy identification and comes in handy during any disputes.

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Standard checklist is included for different industry which allows servicing team to go through the SOP preset

As each job has the address and GPS location set in Contacts, staff can just tap to bring up Google Maps, Waze or any navigation app installed in the mobile phone.

Tap to record voice as notes rather than typing lengthy words on the mobile phone. All voice notes are stored in each job and can be replay back in future in the job history list.

Predefined permissions with best practices set by our consultants to allow service teams to access the system without compromising security.

Additional permissions can be customised such as segregating different teams with different capabilities.

Reporting & Alerts

  1. Cancelled Jobs Listing
  2. Expiring Orders Listing
  3. Missed Service Listing
  4. Service Backlogs
  5. Unbilled Job Listing
  1. Cancelled Job Notification
  2. Daily Job Closing
  3. Service Reminders
  4. Weekly Renewals Due
  5. Weekly User Activity

User Management

Once admin adds a user, they will receive activation email and users can self-service for their login such as forget password and auto temporary-block after three attempts.

M4 comes with roles that model common scenarios in most companies such as Sales Roles, Scheduler, Servicing Team which have different access rights.

For M4 App, each staff will be mapped to their mobile phone which prevents unauthorise access from other devices. When a change is needed, admin can reset the device ID for that user.

All actions are logged and displayed as system events in each part of the system.

Getting Started

During setup, we will guide you with a few key steps to setup the database before using.

  • Categories for Sales Orders
  • Items (equipments, consumables, chemicals, etc).
  • Company Setup – address, emails, letterhead
  • Work Natures

Then you will go through an online training session to immediately start setting up users, adding customers, orders and scheduling for jobs.

You can decide to use M4 mobile app to complete the job or manually completing it for a start.

After going through the training, you will be provided with user guide, online videos and help-desk access.

If you study people who succeed, you will see that most of them follow systems, not goals.

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