M4 helps service Companies To SIMPLIFY
WORK processes

A necessity to stay lean and survive the recession


M4 users spend less time on paperwork, save hours of your time and spend it on activities that matter. What would you do with all that extra time?

Manage Customers and Track Sales

Proposals & CRM

Complete Overview

Get a complete overview of your contacts on one page – from the first “hello” to the final invoice. This includes contact details, communication history, jobs, quotes, orders, and invoices.


Compile quotes and send them as beautiful PDF-files in just a few clicks. Turn any quote into a purchase order for a supplier or turn the services on a quote into tasks for your team.


Search, filter and sort your contacts based on configurable tags, categories, location, latest activity, etc.

Planning & Execution


Gain full control of your business by improving your work efficiency with a professional scheduling system. Bring out the best in your business with M4 scheduling & dispatching feature.

Team calendar

View created schedules by filtering them in varioud different filters such as monthly view, weekly view and daily view.


With Drag & Drop feature, forget about retyping the order or editing, just drag the current job to the new time specification.


Create a job, choose a client, and assign it to your team with only a few clicks. Scheduling in M4 gives you the flexibility you need to add new jobs, close jobs, and complete jobs—faster.

Trip Planner on Mobile

Tap one button to open Google Maps routing feature with Drag & Drop to rearrange the route for the day.

Empower each staff with ability to plan their own trip and save time without the need to type address and search for customer location individually.


We keep it simple. With an easy to learn tool, employee onboarding is faster and so is expansion. Our users say M4 helps them grow at a rate they could not achieve before.

Make decisions based on facts not gut-feeling.

Reporting & Dashboard


Know exactly how well your team is utilized, and what their time is spent on.


Get a detailed overview of billable and non-billable work, delegated and unassigned tasks, completed jobs, missed deadlines, etc.


View detailed financial reports on actual results with budget deficit and surplus.

Billing & Receivables

Alerts & reminders

Automate late invoice reminders, scheduled, and recurring invoicing.


Issue sales, prepayment and credit invoices and send these as PDF-files.


Keep track of your purchases and costs.


Just a click of a button sends an invoice to your client who can pay or automate it with M4's auto-invoicing feature. Keep customer accounts updated with late payment reminders.


M4’s inventory features keep a track record of every transaction that occurs in your inventory, such as stocks taken-in, taken-out, balance, usage and more.

You don’t have to change the way you work.

Inventory & Stock


Know the entire details of your business with a complete list of products and inventory activity.


M4’s inventory features keep a track record of every transaction that occurs in your inventory, such as stocks taken-in, taken-out, balance, usage and more.


Manage the out-going & in-coming of equipment rental of your operation from a single window that keeps all your data safe & secure


All Features

Sales / CRM

Capture accurate information and build a valuable database of leads, prospects and customers.

Address with map location, verified phone numbers and emails is vital to enable  marketing and sales automation.

Prepare survey reports and impressive proposals with photos, drawings and more to your customers with preset templates and fill in the blanks, with M4’s built in word-processing features.

Prepare quotation fast and email to customers without leaving M4 or the need for other software.

Calculate pricing based on costing sheet templates that you can build on your own.

Confirm quotation to Order within a few clicks.

Create orders directly or confirmed from quotations. Orders will auto generate due dates automatically, ensuring no jobs go unnoticed. M4 will alert any overdue or missed jobs to respective departments via email.

Monitor expiring contracts and issue renewal letters to customers for confirmation on continuation of service.

Renewal documents are similar to quotations where pricing can be revised and re-send to customer as needed.

Confirm renewal to Order within a few clicks.

Define packages for your services to save time and simplify the process for sales staff to calculate pricing during quotation and take orders.

Each order or contract in M4 supports multiple sets where it can be used for different service locations and offerings.


Assign jobs easily by dragging jobs from the unassigned list to specific columns in the calendar. Toggle the  lock in each job to confirm schedule, prevent accidental dragging and notify customers.

All delivery schedules are defined in the Order document which allow different modes of schedule to be added such as Chained, Fixed Dates, Programme, Month / Week Intervals with various parameters.

Prefer to use Google Map to visualise jobs for tomorrow? Then use this feature to view and assign jobs to staff by geographic areas.

View all jobs by status, recently updated, overdue or missed in a tabular listing fashion.

Automatic send service reminders to customers via email and/or SMS. Also includes changes or cancellation alerts.

Automate the job assignment by geographic and type of jobs to staff within a few clicks.

Optionally to optimise the travel route to reduce mileage and travel time.

Our scheduling system allows us to work on both teams and individual assigned staff to jobs.


Staff can only view jobs assigned to them within the app. With role settings, staff can view jobs from previous and future dates for self-planning.

Switch to Waze, Google Maps or other navigation apps by tapping on the green arrow beside the address of next job.

Industry specific or proprietary checklists can be customised and inserted into jobs at various places such as station checklist, usage checklist and pre-start checklist.

Have a better understanding of the job in hand by reviewing historical information of past jobs related to the same customer.

Add floor plans and mark stations visually on the floor plan. This is useful for indoor mapping with asset tagging and monitor status of each station.

Add photos with notes to findings and recommendations into job reports to improve communication with customers.

Larger jobs can be started by different staff on their own phone. A single job can generate multiple Service Report / Job Sheet documents for each staff.

Staff can start work, start job and all app events will update M4 with GPS coordinates which authorised users can monitor the recent GPS location of staff.

Add follow-up jobs conditionally and decided by the servicing staff. This can be due to incomplete job or due to conditions which require frequent follow ups.

Unable to start a job for some reasons – raining, customer no show, etc. Cancel the job with a few taps and M4 re-schedule the same job next day to confirm with the customer again.

Tired of typing for remarks for internal use? Just tap to record a voice note and it’s much faster than typing. Your team members can listen to it in the office or in the app on future jobs.


Save time issuing invoices from Orders which allow the preset of billing description with pre-calculated amount to bill. Invoice can be tagged as non-routine for extra billing.

Automate the billing from the Order, of which invoices are issued automatically based on completed jobs, specific intervals and similar conditions.

Easily issue CN or DN from Invoices and match off multiple invoices within a single CN.

M4 generates the list of orders or jobs due for billing to reduce time needed to do invoicing.

Match-off invoices with receipts and send PDF receipts to customers. Flexible receipting scenarios are supported such as match-off invoices from different debtor accounts.

Remind customers to make payment and improve cash flow by preparing statements with a few clicks. Generate both outstanding invoices or detailed statements based on customer needs.

Support for discount by lines either in percentage and fixed amount. Tax presets with standard codes to auto calculate for tax compliant billing.

All debtor contacts, sales and billing documents in M4 support different currencies which model real-world billing scenarios to make global business a reality.


Support for different item classification such as chemical with dilutions, equipment, service package,  targets and more.

Stock balance for each staff can be captured to ensure accountability and traceability on all transactions.

Achieve central purchasing and branch / division level inventory with internal transfer between folders.

Each item can support multiple unit of measurements, which is useful for chemicals and consumables. Eg. 1L bottle, milliliter can be used simultaneously without the need to create different stock codes.

Support for serial number items where quantity is based on number of serial codes entered.

This can be used for tracking individual items with barcode / QR codes.

Transfer stock just by using two mobile phones, one for service staff and another for the store keeper. Prepare a list of stock required and scan QR.

Keep track of costing based on FIFO, LIFO or weighted average with ledger to monitor stock movements.

Automated daily stock usage generated from completed jobs closed from servicing app to enable easy monitoring of consumables and parts used by staff during servicing.

Journal for stock adjustment to match-off usage against pending stock, lost & found and others.