M4 is a growable system for full advance & innovative features.

Billing Module (AR)

Auto debtor account activation for customers or manual which allow finance approval workflow.

Issue invoice for advanced billing, upon completion of jobs or by weekly or monthly intervals, cancellations and adjustments via Credit / Debit Notes. Invoices can be emailed directly from M4 within few clicks.

Issue receipt to match-off invoices or even for advance payment to maintain proper receivables and cashbook entries.

Improve debtor collection by sending professional looking Statement of Accounts and emailed to customers within a few clicks.

Stock Module

Each stock item has a balance which represents the available unit on hand and can be tracked by branch or stockist level.
A stockist is a person that can hold stock, usually for servicing customers.

Works together with Stock Balance, the ledger provides the detailed transaction of stock movements with running balance.

Automatically capture all items used for both equipments and consumables. All usage are summarised daily by servicing teams and can be used to offset the stock balance.

All stock transactions can carry cost as well which is based on FIFO or weighted average which automatically derived from Purchase Invoices.

Issue Goods Received Notes (GRN) for stocks purchased and optionally include purchase price for cost tracking.

Easily transfer stock items from one branch to another  branch or stockist.

Reporting & Alerts

Get a quick overview and as reference on the profitability of each contract or job. This provides better insight on how to improve sales, renewal and operations.

  1. Low Stock Notification

Progressive Implementation

Master the basic flow and go deeper to continuously improving efficiency and competitiveness. Basic flows should include:

  • Contacts and items neatly recorded
  • Sales orders seamlessly connected to operations
  • Understanding of reports from different modules
  • Timely assignment and completion of scheduled jobs
  • Mastering of servicing app by teams
  • Ability to handle last minute schedules and communication within M4

As each business is unique, certain workflow requires personalised implementations and this will enable bigger improvements.

Our experienced team will discuss and provide guidance on which modules or path is suitable for your company based on resource availability.

If you study people who succeed, you will see that most of them follow systems, not goals.

Scott Adams